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Connect BigQuery

JSON keyfile

Uploading a service account JSON keyfile

While the fields in a BigQuery connection can be specified manually, we recommend uploading a service account JSON keyfile to quickly and accurately configure a connection to BigQuery.

Uploading a JSON keyfile should populate the following fields:

  • Project id
  • Private key id
  • Private key
  • Client email
  • Client id
  • Auth uri
  • Token uri
  • Auth provider x509 cert url
  • Client x509 cert url

In addition to these fields, there are two other optional fields that can be configured in a BigQuery connection:

TimeoutDeprecated; exists for backwards compatibility with older versions of dbt and will be removed in the future.300
LocationThe location where dbt should create datasets.US, EU
A valid BigQuery connectionA valid BigQuery connection

BigQuery OAuth

Available in: Development environments, Enterprise plans only

The OAuth auth method permits dbt Cloud to run development queries on behalf of a BigQuery user without the configuration of BigQuery service account keyfile in dbt Cloud. For more information on the initial configuration of a BigQuery OAuth connection in dbt Cloud, please see the docs on setting up BigQuery OAuth.

As an end user, if your organization has set up BigQuery OAuth, you can link a project with your personal BigQuery account in your personal Profile in dbt Cloud, like so:

Link Button in dbt Cloud Credentials ScreenLink Button in dbt Cloud Credentials Screen


To learn how to optimize performance with data platform-specific configurations in dbt Cloud, refer to BigQuery-specific configuration.