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Connect Starburst or Trino

The following are the required fields for setting up a connection with a Starburst Enterprise, Starburst Galaxy, or Trino cluster. Unless specified, "cluster" means any of these products' clusters.

HostThe hostname of your cluster. Don't include the HTTP protocol
PortThe port to connect to your cluster. By default, it's 443 for TLS enabled clusters.443
UserThe username (of the account) to log in to your cluster. When connecting to Starburst Galaxy clusters, you must include the role of the user as a suffix to the username.

Format for Starburst Enterprise or Trino depends on your configured authentication method.
Format for Starburst Galaxy:
PasswordThe user's password.
DatabaseThe name of a catalog in your cluster.example_catalog
SchemaThe name of a schema that exists within the specified catalog. example_schema

Roles in Starburst Enterprise

If connecting to a Starburst Enterprise cluster with built-in access controls enabled, you must specify a role using the format detailed in Additional parameters. If a role is not specified, the default role for the provided username is used.

Catalogs and schemas

When selecting the catalog and the schema, make sure the user has read and write access to both. This selection does not limit your ability to query the catalog. Instead, they serve as the default location for where tables and views are materialized. In addition, the Trino connector used in the catalog must support creating tables. This default can be changed later from within your dbt project.


To learn how to optimize performance with data platform-specific configurations in dbt Cloud, refer to Starburst/Trino-specific configuration.