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Supported data platforms

dbt connects to and runs SQL against your database, warehouse, lake, or query engine. These SQL-speaking platforms are collectively referred to as data platforms. dbt connects with data platforms by using a dedicated adapter plugin for each. Plugins are built as Python modules that dbt Core discovers if they are installed on your system. Read What are Adapters for more info.

You can connect to adapters and data platforms either directly in the dbt Cloud user interface (UI) or install them manually using the command line (CLI). There are two types of adapters available and to evaluate quality and maintenance, we recommend you consider their verification status. You can also further configure your specific data platform to optimize performance.

  • Verified dbt Labs' strict adapter program assures users of trustworthy, tested, and regularly updated adapters for production use. Verified adapters earn a "Verified" status, providing users with trust and confidence.
  • Community Community adapters are open-source and maintained by community members.

Verified adapters

The following are Verified adapters ✓ you can connect to either in dbt Cloud or dbt Core:

* Install these adapters using the CLI as they're not currently supported in dbt Cloud.