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dbt Quickstarts

Begin your dbt journey by trying one of our quickstarts, which provides a step-by-step guide to help you set up dbt Cloud or dbt Core with a variety of data platforms.

dbt Cloud

dbt Cloud is a scalable solution that enables you to develop, test, deploy, and explore data products using a single, fully managed software service. It enables teams with diverse skills to build reliable data products at any scale, with capabilities including:

Learn more about dbt Cloud features and start your free trial today.

dbt Core

dbt Core is a command-line open-source tool that enables data practitioners to transform data using analytics engineering best practices. It suits individuals and small technical teams who prefer manual setup and customization, supports community adapters, and open-source standards.

Refer to the following quickstarts to get started with dbt Core:

Expand your dbt knowledge and expertise with these additional resources:

  • Join the bi-weekly demos to see dbt Cloud in action and ask questions.
  • dbt Cloud AWS marketplace contains information on how to deploy dbt Cloud on AWS, user reviews, and more.
  • Best practices contains information on how dbt Labs approaches building projects through our current viewpoints on structure, style, and setup.
  • dbt Learn offers free online courses that cover dbt fundamentals, advanced topics, and more.
  • Join the dbt Community to learn how other data practitioners globally are using dbt, share your own experiences, and get help with your dbt projects.