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About data platform connections

dbt Cloud can connect with a variety of data platform providers including:

You can connect to your database in dbt Cloud by clicking the gear in the top right and selecting Account Settings. From the Account Settings page, click + New Project.

Choose a connectionChoose a connection

These connection instructions provide the basic fields required for configuring a data platform connection in dbt Cloud. For more detailed guides, which include demo project data, read our Quickstart guides

IP Restrictions‚Äč

dbt Cloud will always connect to your data platform from the IP addresses specified in the Regions & IP addresses page.

Be sure to allow traffic from these IPs in your firewall, and include them in any database grants.

Allowing these IP addresses only enables the connection to your data warehouse. However, you might want to send API requests from your restricted network to the dbt Cloud API. For example, you could use the API to send a POST request that triggers a job to run. Using the dbt Cloud API requires that you allow the subdomain. For more on the dbt Cloud architecture, see Deployment architecture.