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dbt support

dbt Core support

If you're developing on the command line (CLI) and have questions or need some help reach out to the helpful dbt community through the Community Forum or dbt Community slack.

dbt Cloud support

We want to help you work through implementing and utilizing dbt Cloud at your organization. Have a question you can't find an answer to in our docs or the Community Forum? Our Support team is here to dbt help you! Check out our guide on getting help - half of the problem is often knowing where to look... and how to ask good questions!

Types of dbt Cloud-related questions our Support team can assist you with, regardless of your dbt Cloud plan:

  • How do I...
    • set up a dbt Cloud project?
    • set up a private package in dbt Cloud?
    • configure custom branches on git repos?
    • link dbt to a new github account?
  • Help! I can't...
    • log in.
    • access logs.
    • update user groups.
  • I need help understanding...
    • why this run failed.
    • why I am getting this error message in dbt Cloud.
    • why my CI jobs are not kicking off as expected.

dbt Cloud Enterprise accounts

For customers on a dbt Cloud Enterprise plan, we also offer basic assistance in troubleshooting issues with your dbt project.

  • Something isn't working the way I would expect it to...
    • in a macro I created...
    • in an incremental model I'm building...
    • in one of dbt Labs' packages like dbt_utils or audit_helper...
  • I need help understanding and troubleshooting this error...
    • Server error: Compilation Error in rpc request (from remote system) 'dbt_utils' is undefined
    • SQL compilation error: syntax error line 1 at position 38 unexpected '<EOF>'.
    • Compilation Error Error reading name_of_folder/name_of_file.yml - Runtime Error Syntax error near line 9

Types of questions you should ask your Solutions Architect and Sales Director:

  • How should we think about setting up our dbt projects, environments, and jobs based on our company structure and needs?
  • I want to expand my account! How do I add more people and train them?
  • Here is our data road map for the next year - can we talk through how dbt fits into it and what features we may not be utilizing that can help us achieve our goals?
  • It is time for our contract renewal, what options do I have?

When you need help writing SQL, reviewing the overall performance of your project, or want someone to actually help build your dbt project, check out our list of dbt Preferred Consulting Providers or our Services page!