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Deploy dbt

Use dbt Cloud's capabilities to seamlessly run a dbt job in production or staging environments. Rather than run dbt commands manually from the command line, you can leverage the dbt Cloud's in-app scheduling to automate how and when you execute dbt.

dbt Cloud offers the easiest and most reliable way to run your dbt project in production. Effortlessly promote high quality code from development to production and build fresh data assets that your business intelligence tools and end users query to make business decisions. Deploying with dbt Cloud lets you:

  • Keep production data fresh on a timely basis
  • Ensure CI and production pipelines are efficient
  • Identify the root cause of failures in deployment environments
  • Maintain high-quality code and data in production
  • Gain visibility into the health of deployment jobs, models, and tests
  • Uses exports to write saved queries in your data platform for reliable and fast metric reporting

Before continuing, make sure you understand dbt's approach to deployment environments.

Learn how to use dbt Cloud's features to help your team ship timely and quality production data more easily.

Deploy with dbt

Monitor jobs and alerts