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Contribute to adapters

The dbt Community exists to allow analytics practitioners share their knowledge, help others and collectively to drive forward the discipline of analytics engineering. There are opportunities here for everyone to contribute whether you're at the beginning your analytics engineering journey or you are a seasoned data professional.

This section explains how you can contribute to existing adapters, or create a new adapter.

Contribute to a pre-existing adapter

Community-supported plugins are works in progress, and anyone is welcome to contribute by testing and writing code. If you're interested in contributing:

Create a new adapter

If you see something missing from the lists above, and you're interested in developing an integration, read more about adapters and how they're developed in the Build, test, document, and promote adapters.

If you have a new adapter, please add it to this list using a pull request! You can refer to Build, test, document, and promote adapters for more information on documenting your adapter.