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Trusted adapters

Trusted adapters are adapters not maintained by dbt Labs, that we feel comfortable recommending to users for use in production.

Free and open-source tools for the data professional are increasingly abundant. This is by-and-large a good thing, however it requires due dilligence that wasn't required in a paid-license, closed-source software world. As a user, there are questions to answer important before taking a dependency on an open-source project. The trusted adapter designation is meant to streamline this process for end users.

Considerations for depending on an open-source project
  1. Does it work?
  2. Does anyone "own" the code, or is anyone liable for ensuring it works?
  3. Do bugs get fixed quickly?
  4. Does it stay up-to-date with new Core features?
  5. Is the usage substantial enough to self-sustain? pendency on this library?

Trusted adapter specifications

See Building a Trusted Adapter for more information, particularly if you are an adapter maintainer considering having your adapter be added to the trusted list.

Trusted vs Verified

The Verification program exists to highlight adapters that meets both of the following criteria:

  • the guidelines given in the Trusted program,
  • formal agreements required for integration with dbt Cloud

For more information on the Verified Adapter program, reach out the dbt Labs partnerships team

Trusted adapters

The following are Trusted adapters ✓ you can connect to in dbt Core: