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Trusted adapters

Trusted adapters take part in the Trusted Adapter Program, including a commitment to meet the program's requirements. They are maintained by dbt Labs, partners, and community members. Trusted adapters in dbt Cloud undergo an additional rigorous process that covers development, documentation, user experience, and maintenance requirements. We strongly recommend using them in production environments. For further details, refer to What it means to be trusted.

Free and open-source tools for the data professional are increasingly abundant. This is by-and-large a good thing, however it requires due diligence that wasn't required in a paid-license, closed-source software world. As a user, there are questions to answer important before taking a dependency on an open-source project. The trusted adapter designation is meant to streamline this process for end users.

Trusted adapter specifications

Refer to the Build, test, document, and promote adapters guide for more information, particularly if you are an adapter maintainer considering having your adapter be added to the trusted list.

Trusted adapters