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Summer 2023 product docs updates

Hello from dbt's Product Documentation team (the stewards of the site): @mirnawong1, @matthewshaver, @nghi-ly, and @runleonarun. What a busy summer! We merged 256 PRs between July 1st and August 31.

We'd like to recognize all of the docs and support from our partner team, Developer Experience: @jasnonaz @gwenwindflower @dbeatty10 @dataders @joellabes @Jstein77 @dave-connors-3!

We'd also like to give a special thanks to the 22 community members who contributed to the dbt Product docs for the first time. 🙏 Based on feedback from the dbt community, we made these changes:

You can provide feedback by opening a pull request or issue in our repo or reaching out in the dbt community Slack channel #dbt-product-docs).

⚡ General docs projects

  • Added the ability to collapse sections you’re not currently looking at. There were quite a few people who wanted this, and it bugged us too, so we were happy to get this shipped!
  • Introduced the idea of “Trusted” adapters.

☁ Cloud projects

  • The What’s new? product update widget is back in the dbt Cloud UI! The Docs team will begin updating the content to keep you informed about new features.
  • Launched the re-released Semantic Layer beta docs, which introduces users to the new API, new guide to set up MetricFlow and the new Semantic Layer, as well as revamp the ‘Use the dbt Semantic Layer’ section for users.
  • Updated Admin API v2 and v3 to help you understand the differences between them and which version includes the endpoints you use.
  • To improve discoverability, the docs team made changes to the deploy dbt sidebar. We added cards and aligned better with the dbt Cloud UI and the way it’s used.
  • Deprecated legacy job schemas in the Discovery API.
  • Added a page to describe experimental and beta features in dbt Cloud and what you need to know about them.
  • Added a section to introduce a new beta feature Extended Attributes, which allows users to set a flexible profiles.yml snippet in their dbt Cloud Environment settings.

🎯 Core projects

  • We released dbt 1.6! We added docs for the new commands dbt retry and dbt clone

New 📚 Guides, ✏️ blog posts, and FAQs