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Jobs in dbt Cloud

In dbt Cloud, there are two types of jobs:

Below is a comparison table that describes how deploy jobs and CI jobs behave:

Deploy JobsCI Jobs
PurposeBuilds production data assets.Builds and tests new code before merging changes into production.
Trigger typesTriggered by a schedule or by API.Triggered by a commit to a PR or by API.
DestinationBuilds into a production database and schema.Builds into a staging database and ephemeral schema, lived for the lifetime of the PR.
Execution modeRuns execute sequentially, so as to not have collisions on the underlying DAG.Runs execute in parallel to promote team velocity.
Efficiency run savingsDetects over-scheduled jobs and cancels unnecessary runs to avoid queue clog.Cancels existing runs when a newer commit is pushed to avoid redundant work.
State comparisonOnly sometimes needs to detect state.Almost always needs to compare state against the production environment to build on modified code and its dependents.
Job run durationLimit is 24 hours.Limit is 24 hours.