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June 2023 product docs updates

Hello from the dbt Docs team: @mirnawong1, @matthewshaver, @nghi-ly, and @runleonarun! First, we’d like to thank the 17 new community contributors to ✨ @aaronbini, @sjaureguimodo, @aranke, @eiof, @tlochner95, @mani-dbt, @iamtodor, @monilondo, @vrfn, @raginjason, @AndrewRTsao, @MitchellBarker, @ajaythomas, @smitsrr, @leoguyaux, @GideonShils, @michaelmherrera!

Here's what's new to in June:

☁ Cloud projects

  • We clarified the nuances of CI and CI jobs, updated the Scheduler content, added two new pages for the job settings and run visibility, moved the project state page to the Syntax page, and provided a landing page for Deploying with Cloud to help readers navigate the content better.
  • We reformatted the Supported data platforms page by adding dbt Cloud to the page, splitting it into multiple pages, using cards to display verified adapters, and moving the Warehouse setup pages to the Docs section.
  • We launched a new Lint and format page, which highlights the awesome new dbt Cloud IDE linting/formatting function.
  • We enabled a connection between dbt Cloud release notes and the dbt Slack community. This means new dbt Cloud release notes are automatically sent to the slack community #dbt-cloud channel via RSS feed, keeping users up to date with changes that may affect them.
  • We’ve added two new docs links in the dbt Cloud Job settings user interface (UI). This will provide additional guidance and help users succeed when setting up a dbt Cloud job: job commands and job triggers.
  • We added information related to the newly created IT license, available for Team and Enterprise plans.
  • We added a new Supported browser page, which lists the recommended browsers for dbt Cloud.
  • We launched a new page informing users of new Experimental features option in dbt Cloud.
  • We worked with dbt Engineering to help publish new beta versions of the dbt dbt Cloud Administrative API docs.

🎯 Core projects

  • We launched the new MetricFlow docs on dbt Core v1.6 beta.
  • Split Global configs into individual pages, making it easier to find, especially using search.

New 📚 Guides, ✏️ blog posts, and FAQs