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Athena Profile

Overview of dbt-athena

Maintained by: Community Author: Tomme Source: Github dbt Cloud: Not Supported
dbt Slack channel Link to channel Supported Version: Athena engine version 2

The easiest way to install is to use pip:

pip install dbt-athena-adapter

Connecting to Athena with dbt-athena

This plugin does not accept any credentials directly. Instead, credentials are determined automatically based on aws cli/boto3 conventions and stored login info. You can configure the AWS profile name to use via aws_profile_name. Checkout dbt profile configuration below for details.

type: athena
s3_staging_dir: [s3_staging_dir]
region_name: [region_name]
database: [database name]
schema: [dev_schema]
[optional, profile to use from your AWS shared credentials file.]

target: dev