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Upsolver setup

Overview of dbt-upsolver

  • Maintained by: Upsolver Team
  • Authors: Upsolver Team
  • GitHub repo: Upsolver/dbt-upsolver
  • PyPI package: dbt-upsolver
  • Slack channel: Upsolver Comunity
  • Supported dbt Core version: v1.5.0 and newer
  • dbt Cloud support: Not Supported
  • Minimum data platform version: n/a

Installing dbt-upsolver

pip is the easiest way to install the adapter:

python -m pip install dbt-upsolver

Installing dbt-upsolver will also install dbt-core and any other dependencies.

Configuring dbt-upsolver

For Upsolver-specifc configuration please refer to Upsolver Configuration

For further info, refer to the GitHub repository: Upsolver/dbt-upsolver

Authentication Methods

User / Token authentication

Upsolver can be configured using basic user/token authentication as shown below.

target: dev
type: upsolver

user: [username]
token: [token]

database: [database name]
schema: [schema name]
threads: [1 or more]


The configs for Upsolver targets are shown below.

All configurations

tokenYesThe token to connect Upsolver Upsolver's documentation
userYesThe user to log in as
databaseYesThe database that dbt should create models in
schemaYesThe schema to build models into by default
api_urlYesThe API url to connect. Common value