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Vertica setup


If you're interested in contributing, check out the source code for each repository listed below.

  • Maintained by: Vertica
  • Authors: Vertica (Former authors: Matthew Carter, Andy Regan, Andrew Hedengren)
  • GitHub repo: vertica/dbt-vertica
  • PyPI package: dbt-vertica
  • Slack channel: n/a
  • Supported dbt Core version: v1.7.0 and newer
  • dbt Cloud support: Not Supported
  • Minimum data platform version: Vertica 23.4.0

Installing dbt-vertica

Use pip to install the adapter. Before 1.8, installing the adapter would automatically install dbt-core and any additional dependencies. Beginning in 1.8, installing an adapter does not automatically install dbt-core. This is because adapters and dbt Core versions have been decoupled from each other so we no longer want to overwrite existing dbt-core installations. Use the following command for installation:

Configuring dbt-vertica

For Vertica-specific configuration, please refer to Vertica configs.

Connecting to Vertica with dbt-vertica

Username / password authentication

Configure your dbt profile for using Vertica:

Vertica connection information
type: vertica # Don't change this!
host: [hostname]
port: [port] # or your custom port (optional)
username: [your username]
password: [your password]
database: [database name]
oauth_access_token: [access token]
schema: [dbt schema]
connection_load_balance: True
backup_server_node: [list of backup hostnames or IPs]
retries: [1 or more]

threads: [1 or more]
target: dev
Description of Profile Fields:
PropertyDescriptionRequired?Default ValueExample
typeThe specific adapter to use.YesNonevertica
hostThe host name or IP address of any active node in the Vertica Server.YesNone127.0.0.1
portThe port to use, default or custom.Yes54335433
usernameThe username to use to connect to the server.YesNonedbadmin
passwordThe password to use for authenticating to the server.YesNonemy_password
databaseThe name of the database running on the server.YesNonemy_db
oauth_access_tokenTo authenticate via OAuth, provide an OAuth Access Token that authorizes a user to the database.No""Default: ""
schemaThe schema to build models into.NoNoneVMart
connection_load_balanceA Boolean value that indicates whether the connection can be redirected to a host in the database other than host.NoTrueTrue
backup_server_nodeList of hosts to connect to if the primary host specified in the connection (host, port) is unreachable. Each item in the list should be either a host string (using default port 5433) or a (host, port) tuple. A host can be a host name or an IP address.NoNone['','',('',5433)]
retriesThe retry times after an unsuccessful connection.No23
threadsThe number of threads the dbt project will run on.No13
labelA session label to identify the connection.NoAn auto-generated label with format of: dbt_usernamedbt_dbadmin

For more information on Vertica’s connection properties please refer to Vertica-Python Connection Properties.