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iomete setup

  • Maintained by: iomete
  • Authors: Namig Aliyev
  • GitHub repo: iomete/dbt-iomete
  • PyPI package: dbt-iomete
  • Slack channel: ##db-iomete
  • Supported dbt Core version: v0.18.0 and newer
  • dbt Cloud support: Not Supported
  • Minimum data platform version: n/a

Installing dbt-iomete

Use pip to install the adapter. Before 1.8, installing the adapter would automatically install dbt-core and any additional dependencies. Beginning in 1.8, installing an adapter does not automatically install dbt-core. This is because adapters and dbt Core versions have been decoupled from each other so we no longer want to overwrite existing dbt-core installations. Use the following command for installation:

Configuring dbt-iomete

For iomete-specific configuration, please refer to iomete configs.

Set up a iomete Target

iomete targets should be set up using the following configuration in your profiles.yml file.

target: dev
type: iomete
cluster: cluster_name
host: <region_name>
port: 443
schema: database_name
account_number: iomete_account_number
user: iomete_user_name
password: iomete_user_password
Description of Profile Fields
typeThe specific adapter to useRequirediomete
clusterThe cluster to connectRequiredreporting
hostThe host name of the connection. It is a combination of
account_number with the prefix dwh-
and the suffix
portThe port to use.Required443
schemaSpecify the schema (database) to build models into.Requireddbt_finance
account_numberThe iomete account number with single quotes.Required'1234566789123'
usernameThe iomete username to use to connect to the server.Requireddbt_user
passwordThe iomete user password to use to connect to the server.Requiredstrong_password

Supported Functionality

Most dbt Core functionality is supported.

Iceberg specific improvements.

  1. Joining the results of show tables and show views.