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Exasol setup

Community plugin

Some core functionality may be limited. If you're interested in contributing, check out the source code for each repository listed below.

  • Maintained by: Community
  • Authors: Torsten Glunde, Ilija Kutle
  • GitHub repo: tglunde/dbt-exasol
  • PyPI package: dbt-exasol
  • Slack channel: n/a
  • Supported dbt Core version: v0.14.0 and newer
  • dbt Cloud support: Not Supported
  • Minimum data platform version: Exasol 6.x

Installing dbt-exasol

Use pip to install the adapter. Before 1.8, installing the adapter would automatically install dbt-core and any additional dependencies. Beginning in 1.8, installing an adapter does not automatically install dbt-core. This is because adapters and dbt Core versions have been decoupled from each other so we no longer want to overwrite existing dbt-core installations. Use the following command for installation:

Configuring dbt-exasol

For Exasol-specific configuration, please refer to Exasol configs.

Connecting to Exasol with dbt-exasol

User / password authentication

Configure your dbt profile for using Exasol:

Exasol connection information
target: dev
type: exasol
threads: 1
password: PASSWORD
dbname: db
schema: SCHEMA

Optional parameters

  • connection_timeout defaults to pyexasol default
  • socket_timeout defaults to pyexasol default
  • query_timeout defaults to pyexasol default
  • compression default: False
  • encryption default: False
  • protocol_version default: v3
  • row_separator default: CRLF for windows - LF otherwise
  • timestamp_format default: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SS.FF6