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Deprecation: dbt Metrics and the legacy dbt Semantic Layer is now deprecated

dbt Labs has deprecated dbt Metrics and the legacy dbt Semantic Layer, both supported on dbt version 1.5 or lower. This change starts on December 15th, 2023.

This deprecation means dbt Metrics and the legacy Semantic Layer are no longer supported. We also removed the feature from the dbt Cloud user interface and documentation site.

Why this change?

The re-released dbt Semantic Layer, powered by MetricFlow, offers enhanced flexibility, performance, and user experience, marking a significant advancement for the dbt community.

Key changes and impact

  • Deprecation date The legacy Semantic Layer and dbt Metrics will be officially deprecated on December 15th, 2023.
  • Replacement MetricFlow replaces dbt Metrics for defining semantic logic. The dbt_metrics package will no longer be supported post-deprecation.
  • New feature Exports replaces the materializing data with metrics.calculate functionality and will be available in dbt Cloud in December or January.

Breaking changes and recommendations

  • For users on dbt version 1.5 and lower with dbt Metrics and Snowflake proxy:

  • For users on dbt version 1.5 and lower using dbt Metrics without Snowflake proxy:

    • Impact: No immediate disruption, but the package will not receive updates or support after deprecation
    • Recommendation: Plan migration to the re-released Semantic Layer for compatibility with dbt version 1.6 and higher.

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