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Available integrations

There are a number of data applications that seamlessly integrate with the dbt Semantic Layer, powered by MetricFlow, from business intelligence tools to notebooks, spreadsheets, data catalogs, and more. These integrations allow you to query and unlock valuable insights from your data ecosystem.

Use the dbt Semantic Layer APIs to simplify metric queries, optimize your development workflow, and reduce coding. This approach also ensures data governance and consistency for data consumers.

The following tools integrate with the dbt Semantic Layer:

Before you connect to these tools, you'll need to first set up the dbt Semantic Layer and generate a service token to create Semantic Layer Only and Metadata Only permissions.

Custom integration

  • Exports enable custom integration with additional tools that don't natively connect with the dbt Semantic Layer, such as PowerBI.
  • Develop custom integrations using different languages and tools, supported through JDBC, ADBC, and GraphQL APIs. For more info, check out our examples on GitHub.
  • Connect to any tool that supports SQL queries. These tools must meet one of the two criteria:
    • Offers a generic JDBC driver option (such as DataGrip) or
    • Is compatible Arrow Flight SQL JDBC driver version 12.0.0 or higher.