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I'm receiving an `Failed ALPN` error when trying to connect to the dbt Semantic Layer.

If you're receiving a Failed ALPN error when trying to connect the dbt Semantic Layer with the various data integration tools (such as Tableau, DBeaver, Datagrip, ADBC, or JDBC), it typically happens when connecting from a computer behind a corporate VPN or Proxy (like Zscaler or Check Point).

The root cause is typically the proxy interfering with the TLS handshake as the dbt Semantic Layer uses gRPC/HTTP2 for connectivity. To resolve this:

  • If your proxy supports gRPC/HTTP2 but isn't configured to allow ALPN, adjust its settings accordingly to allow ALPN. Or create an exception for the dbt Cloud domain.
  • If your proxy does not support gRPC/HTTP2, add an SSL interception exception for the dbt Cloud domain in your proxy settings

This should help in successfully establishing the connection without the Failed ALPN error.