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Configuring Databricks PrivateLink

Limited to certain Enterprise tiers

The PrivateLink feature is available on the following dbt Cloud Enterprise tiers:

  • Business Critical
  • Virtual Private

To learn more about these tiers, contact us at

The following steps will walk you through the setup of a Databricks AWS PrivateLink endpoint in the dbt Cloud multi-tenant environment.

  1. Locate your Databricks Workspace ID
  2. Add the required information to the template below, and submit your request to dbt Support:
Subject: New Multi-Tenant PrivateLink Request
- Type: Databricks
- Databricks workspace name:
- Databricks cluster AWS Region (e.g., us-east-1, eu-west-2):
- dbt Cloud multi-tenant environment (US, EMEA, AU):
  1. Once dbt Cloud support has notified you that setup is complete, register the VPC endpoint in Databricks and attach it to the workspace

Create Connection in dbt Cloud

Once you've completed the setup in the Databricks environment, you will be able to configure a private endpoint in dbt Cloud:

  1. Navigate to SettingsCreate new project → select Databricks.
  2. You will see two radio buttons: Public and Private. Select Private.
  3. Select the private endpoint from the dropdown (this will automatically populate the hostname/account field).
  4. Configure the remaining data platform details.
  5. Test your connection and save it.