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May IDE updates and fixes

To continue improving your Cloud IDE development experience, the dbt Labs team continues to work on adding new features, fixing bugs, and increasing reliability ✨.

Stay up-to-date with IDE-related changes.

New features

  • Lint via SQL Fluff is now available in beta (GA over the next 2-3 weeks)
  • Format markdown files with prettier
  • Leverage developer experience shortcuts, including Ctrl + ` (toggle history drawer), CMD + Option + / (toggle block comment), CMD + Shift + P (open command palette), Option + W (close editor tab)
  • Display parent folder name for files with same name in Changes section
  • Navigate the new IDE features quickly using the IDE User Interface help page
  • Use top X in SQL when previewing in the IDE
  • Opt into the new IDE backend layer over the past month (still with dbt-rpc). Ready for beta later in June!

Product refinements

  • Performance-related upgrades:
    • Reduced cold start time by 60+%
    • Improved render time of modals in the IDE by 98%
    • Improved IDE performance with dbt Core v1.5+ (faster and snappier – highly encourage you to upgrade your dbt version!)
  • Upgraded sqlfmt (which powers the Format button) to 0.18.0
  • Updated Build button to change menu options based on file/model type (snapshot, macro, etc.)
  • Display message to disable adblocker for file contents error
  • Moved Format button to console bar
  • Made many security enhancements in the IDE

Bug fixes

  • File icon sizes no longer get wonky in small screen
  • Toast notifications no longer take over command bar menu
  • Hover info inside the text editor no longer gets cut off
  • Transition between a file and a recently modified scratchpad no longer triggers a console error
  • dbt v1.5+ now can access the IDE
  • Confirm button on the Unsaved Changes modal now closes after clicking it
  • Long node names no longer overflow in the parsed logs section in history drawer
  • Status pill in history drawer no longer scales with longer command
  • Tooltip for tab name with a long file name is no longer cut off
  • Lint button should no longer available in main branch