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ls (list)


The dbt ls command lists resources in your dbt project. It accepts selector arguments that are similar to those provided in dbt run. dbt list is an alias for dbt ls.


dbt ls     [--resource-type {source,analysis,model,snapshot,test,seed,exposure,default,all}]     [--select SELECTION_ARG [SELECTION_ARG ...]]     [--models SELECTOR [SELECTOR ...]]     [--exclude SELECTOR [SELECTOR ...]]     [--selector YML_SELECTOR_NAME [YML_SELECTOR_NAME ...]]     [--output {json,name,path,selector}]     [--output-keys KEY_NAME [KEY_NAME]]

See resource selection syntax for more information on how to select resources in dbt


  • --resource-type: This flag limits the "resource types" that dbt will return in the dbt ls command. By default, the following resources are included in the results of dbt ls: models, snapshots, seeds, tests, and sources.
  • --select: This flag specifies one or more selection-type arguments used to filter the nodes returned by the dbt ls command
  • --models: Like the --select flag, this flag is used to select nodes. It implies --resource-type=model, and will only return models in the results of the dbt ls command. Supported for backwards compatibility only.
  • --exclude: Specify selectors that should be excluded from the list of returned nodes.
  • --selector: This flag specifies one or more named selectors, defined in a selectors.yml file.
  • --output: This flag controls the format of output from the dbt ls command.
  • --output-keys: If --output json, this flag controls which node properties are included in the output.

Note that the dbt ls command does not include models which are disabled or schema tests which depend on models which are disabled. All returned resources will have a config.enabled value of true.

Example usage

Listing models by package

$ dbt ls --select snowplow.*snowplow.snowplow_base_eventssnowplow.snowplow_base_web_page_contextsnowplow.snowplow_id_mapsnowplow.snowplow_page_viewssnowplow.snowplow_sessions...

Listing tests by tag name

$ dbt ls --select tag:nightly --resource-type testmy_project.schema_test.not_null_orders_order_idmy_project.schema_test.unique_orders_order_idmy_project.schema_test.not_null_products_product_idmy_project.schema_test.unique_products_product_id...

Listing schema tests of incremental models

$ dbt ls --select config.materialized:incremental,test_type:schemamodel.my_project.logs_parsedmodel.my_project.events_categorized

Listing JSON output

$ dbt ls --select snowplow.* --output json{"name": "snowplow_events", "resource_type": "model", "package_name": "snowplow",  ...}{"name": "snowplow_page_views", "resource_type": "model", "package_name": "snowplow",  ...}...

Listing JSON output with custom keys

$ dbt ls --select snowplow.* --output json --output-keys name description{"name": "snowplow_events", "description": "This is a pretty cool model",  ...}{"name": "snowplow_page_views", "description": "This model is even cooler",  ...}...

Listing file paths

dbt ls --select snowplow.* --output pathmodels/base/snowplow_base_events.sqlmodels/base/snowplow_base_web_page_context.sqlmodels/identification/snowplow_id_map.sql...