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dbt deps pulls the most recent version of the dependencies listed in your packages.yml from git. See Package-Management for more information.


Where relevant, dbt will display up to date and/or latest versions of packages that are listed on dbt Hub. Example below.

This does NOT apply to packages that are installed via git/local

packages:  - package: dbt-labs/dbt_utils    version: 0.7.1  - package: tailsdotcom/dbt_artifacts    version: 0.5.0-a1    install-prerelease: true  - package: dbt-labs/codegen    version: 0.4.0  - package: calogica/dbt_expectations    version: 0.4.1  - git:    revision: 0.4.0  - git: "" # git URL    subdirectory: "materialized-views" # name of subdirectory containing `dbt_project.yml`    revision: 0.0.1  - package: dbt-labs/snowplow    version: 0.13.0
Installing dbt-labs/dbt_utils@0.7.1  Installed from version 0.7.1  Up to date!Installing tailsdotcom/dbt_artifacts@0.5.0a1  Installed from version 0.5.0a1  Updated version available: 0.5.0Installing dbt-labs/codegen@0.4.0  Installed from version 0.4.0  Up to date!Installing calogica/dbt_expectations@0.4.1  Installed from version 0.4.1  Up to date!Installing  Installed from revision 0.4.0Installing  Installed from revision 0.0.1   and subdirectory materialized-viewsInstalling dbt-labs/snowplow@0.13.0  Installed from version 0.13.0  Updated version available: 0.13.1Installing calogica/dbt_date@0.4.0  Installed from version 0.4.0  Up to date!
Updates available for packages: ['tailsdotcom/dbt_artifacts', 'dbt-labs/snowplow']Update your versions in packages.yml, then run dbt deps