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About global configs

Global configs enable you to fine-tune how dbt runs projects on your machine—whether your personal laptop, an orchestration tool running remotely, or (in some cases) dbt Cloud. In general, they differ from most project configs and resource configs, which tell dbt what to run.

Global configs control things like the visual output of logs, the manner in which dbt parses your project, and what to do when dbt finds a version mismatch or a failing model. These configs are "global" because they are available for all dbt commands, and because they can be set for all projects running on the same machine or in the same environment.

Global config precedence

Starting in v1.0, you can set global configs in three places. dbt will evaluate the configs in the following order:

  1. user config
  2. environment variable
  3. CLI flag

Each config is prioritized over the previous one. For example, if all three are provided, then the CLI flag takes precedence.