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Command line options

For consistency, command-line interface (CLI) flags should come right after the dbt prefix and its subcommands. This includes "global" flags (supported for all commands). When set, CLI flags override environment variables and profile configs.

For example, instead of using:

dbt --no-populate-cache run

You should use:

dbt run --no-populate-cache

Historically, passing flags (such as "global flags") before the subcommand is a legacy functionality that dbt Labs can remove at any time. We do not support using the same flag before and after the subcommand.

Using boolean and non-boolean flags

You can construct your commands with boolean flags to enable or disable or with non-boolean flags that use specific values, such as strings.

Use this non-boolean config structure:

  • Replacing <SUBCOMMAND> with the command this config applies to.
  • <THIS-CONFIG> with the config you are enabling or disabling, and
  • <SETTING> with the new setting for the config.
CLI flags



CLI flags

dbt run --printer-width=80
dbt test --indirect-selection=eager