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Command line options

For consistency, command-line interface (CLI) flags should come right after the dbt prefix and its subcommands. This includes "global" flags (supported for all commands). For a list of all dbt CLI flags you can set, refer to Available flags. When set, CLI flags override environment variables and project flags.

Environment variables contain a DBT_ prefix.

For example, instead of using:

dbt --no-populate-cache run

You should use:

dbt run --no-populate-cache

Historically, passing flags (such as "global flags") before the subcommand is a legacy functionality that dbt Labs can remove at any time. We do not support using the same flag before and after the subcommand.

Using boolean and non-boolean flags

You can construct your commands with boolean flags to enable or disable or with non-boolean flags that use specific values, such as strings.

Use this non-boolean config structure:

  • Replacing <SUBCOMMAND> with the command this config applies to.
  • <THIS-CONFIG> with the config you are enabling or disabling, and
  • <SETTING> with the new setting for the config.
CLI flags



CLI flags

dbt run --printer-width=80
dbt test --indirect-selection=eager