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Verified adapters

The dbt Labs has a rigorous verified adapter program that provides reassurance to users about which adapters can be trusted to use in production, has been tested, and is actively maintained and updated. The process covers development, documentation, user experience, and maintenance aspects.

These adapters then earn a "Verified" status so that users can have a certain level of trust and expectation when they use them. The adapters also have maintainers and we recommend using the adapter's verification status to determine its quality and health.

The verification process serves as the on-ramp to integration with dbt Cloud. As such, we restrict applicants to data platform vendors with whom we are already engaged.

To learn more, see Verifying a new adapter.

Here are the verified data platforms that connect to dbt and its latest version.

  • Install these adapters using the CLI as they're not currently supported in dbt Cloud.