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March IDE updates and fixes

To continue improving your Cloud IDE development experience, the dbt Labs team continue to work on adding new features, fixing bugs, and increasing reliability ✨.

Read more about the upcoming improvements to the Cloud IDE and stay up-to-date with IDE-related changes.

New features

  • Commit and revert individual files under Version Control.
  • Use the command palette to invoke common complex dbt commands, such as resuming from the last failure.
  • Create PRs even when there are uncommitted changes (under the git dropdown).
  • The IDE will display more autocomplete suggestions when editing a YML file, powered by dbt-jsonschema.
  • The file tree now has additional options in the right-click menu, such as Copy model as ref or Copy file path.
  • The DAG view has been adjusted to a default of 2+model+2.
  • A lineage selector has been implemented in the DAG/lineage sub-tab.
  • Edit directly in the git diff view located in the right pane.
  • A warning message will now appear when users press Command-W/Control-W when there are unsaved changes.
  • A new onboarding flow guide is now available.

Product refinements

  • The DAG selector now uses name instead of file_uri to build selectors.
  • The DAG is now vertically centered under the new Selector Input element
  • sqlfmt has been upgraded to v0.17.0.
  • When the Format button fails, a toast notification will display a syntax error.
  • The editor now has the option to toggle minimap/word-wrap via right-click.
  • The history drawer displays elapsed time in real-time and s/m/h increments.
  • When deleting development environments, the delete modal will now warn users that any uncommitted changes will be lost.
  • The context for the Git button has been adjusted to show that it will link to an external site (such as GitHub or GitLab) when users create a pull request.

Bug fixes

  • The IDE now displays an error message when the git repository is not reachable. Previously, it failed silently.
  • The kebab menu is now visible when the invocation history drawer is open. Previously, it wasn't showing.
  • DAGs are now updated/populated consistently. Previously, it occasionally failed.
  • The purple highlight for DAG selection is now consistent across files. Previously, it was inconsistent.
  • Users can now rename files back to their original name. Previously, this wasn't possible.
  • The link to the IDE from the project setup page has been corrected.
  • The IDE no longer has issues with single-space file names.
  • Adding invalid characters in the sub-directory config no longer causes the IDE to fail.
  • YML autocomplete triggers consistently now. Previously, it occasionally didn't trigger.
  • Reverting single files now reloads the file contents in the tab. Previously, it didn't reload.
  • The file tree no longer collapses on the first click when there is a project subdirectory defined.