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Upgrading to v1.3


What to know before upgrading

We are committed to providing backward compatibility for all versions 1.x. If you encounter an error upon upgrading, please let us know by opening an issue.

There are three changes in dbt Core v1.3 that may require action from some users:

  1. If you have a profiles.yml file located in the root directory where you run dbt, dbt will start preferring that profiles file over the default location on your machine. You can read more details here.
  2. If you already have .py files defined in the model-paths of your dbt project, dbt will start trying to read them as Python models. You can use the new .dbtignore file to tell dbt to ignore those files.
  3. If you have custom code accessing the raw_sql property of models (with the model or graph objects), it has been renamed to raw_code. This is a change to the manifest contract, described in more detail below.

For users of dbt Metrics

The names of metric properties have changed, with backward compatibility. Those changes are:

  • Renamed type to calculation_method
  • Renamed sql to expression
  • Renamed expression calculation method metrics to derived calculation method metrics

We plan to keep backward compatibility for a full minor version. Defining metrics with the old names will raise an error in dbt Core v1.4.

For consumers of dbt artifacts (metadata)

We have updated the manifest schema version to v7. This includes the changes to metrics described above and a few other changes related to the addition of Python models:

  • Renamed raw_sql to raw_code
  • Renamed compiled_sql to compiled_code
  • A new top-level node property, language ('sql' or 'python')

For users of state-based selection: This release includes logic providing backward and forward compatibility for older manifest versions. While running dbt Core v1.3, it should be possible to use state:modified --state ... selection against a manifest produced by dbt Core v1.0 and higher.

For maintainers of adapter plugins

GitHub discussion with details: dbt-labs/dbt-core#6011

New and changed documentation

  • Python models are natively supported in dbt-core for the first time, on data warehouses that support Python runtimes.

  • Updates made to Metrics reflect their new syntax for definition, as well as additional properties that are now available.

  • Plus, a few related updates to exposure properties: config, label, and name validation.

  • Custom node_color in dbt-docs. For the first time, you can control the colors displayed in dbt's DAG. Want bronze, silver, and gold layers? It's at your fingertips.

  • Profiles.yml search order now looks in the current working directory before ~/.dbt.

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