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Upgrading to 0.18.0


Breaking changes

Please be aware of the following changes in v0.18.0. While breaking, we do not expect these to affect the majority of projects.

Adapter macros

  • dbt only has access to adapter plugin macros from the currently-in-use adapter or one of its dependencies, rather than all installed adapters in the namespace.
  • adapter_macro is no longer a macro and will raise a deprecation warning. Use adapter.dispatch instead.

Data tests

  • Data tests are written as CTEs instead of subqueries. Adapter plugins for databases that don't support CTEs may need to override this behavior.

Python requirements

  • Upgraded snowflake-connector-python dependency to 2.2.10 and enabled the SSO token cache

New features

For more details, see new and changed documentation below.

[β] Beta Features

There are several pieces of net-new functionality in v0.18.0, with iterative improvements to come. If you encounter unexpected behavior, please post in Slack or open an issue.

Node selection

  • methods: config, test_type, test_name, package, [β] state
  • intersections
  • nth-parent/child
  • [β] version-controlled YAML selectors
  • [β] defer unselected node references to state defined by a previous run's artifacts

Adapter macros

  • adapter.dispatch replaces adapter_macro, with much greater flexibility
  • Schema tests are now defined via dispatch, such that non-core plugins can override schema test definitions


  • Include static assets (such as images) in auto-generated docs site
  • Improved resource search
  • Project-level overviews


  • Specify IAM profile when connecting to Redshift
  • Snowflake query tags at connection and model level
  • Impersonate a BigQuery service account when connecting via oauth
  • Adding policy tags to BigQuery columns
  • Configure time-to-live for BigQuery tables

New and changed documentation