Available adapters

dbt connects to and runs SQL against your database, warehouse, platform, or query engine. It works by using a dedicated adapter for each technology. All the adapters listed below are open source and free to use, just like dbt.

Fishtown Supported

In addition to maintaining dbt-core, Fishtown Analytics maintains a set of adapters for some of the most common databases, warehouses, and platforms. (โœ… indicates "full support.")

Adapter forDocumentationCore featuresdbt CloudDistribution
PostgresProfile Setupโœ…โœ…core
RedshiftProfile Setup, Configurationโœ…โœ…core
BigQueryProfile Setup, Configurationโœ…โœ…core
SnowflakeProfile Setup, Configurationโœ…โœ…core
Apache SparkProfile Setup, Configurationnearly full supportpreviewplugin
DatabricksProfile Setup, Configurationnearly full supportpreviewplugin
PrestoProfile Setuppartial supportplugin

Adapters distributed with "core" are ready to use when you install dbt. For "plugin" adapters, check each page for specific installation instructions.

Vendor Supported

These adapter plugins are built and maintained by the same people who build and maintain the complementary data technology.

Adapter forDocumentation
Materialize (dbt-materialize)Profile Setup

Community Supported

These adapter plugins are contributed and maintained by members of the community ๐ŸŒฑ

Adapter forDocumentationNotes
Microsoft SQL Server (dbt-mssql)Profile SetupSQL Server 2008 R2 and later
Microsoft SQL Server (dbt-sqlserver)Profile SetupSQL Server 2016 and later
Microsoft Azure Synapse DW (dbt-synapse)Profile SetupAzure Synapse 10+
Microsoft Azure Synapse DW (dbt-azuresynapse)Profile SetupAzure Synapse 10+
Exasol Analytics (dbt-exasol)Profile SetupExasol 6.x and later
Oracle Database (dbt-oracle)Profile SetupOracle 11+
Dremio (dbt-dremio)Profile SetupDremio 4.7+
ClickHouse (dbt-clickhouse)Profile SetupClickHouse 20.11+

Community-supported plugins are works in progress, and all users are encouraged to contribute by testing and writing code. If you're interested in contributing:

  • Join the dedicated channel in dbt Slack (e.g. #db-sqlserver, #db-athena)
  • Check out the open issues in the plugin's source repository

Note that, while no community plugins are currently supported in dbt Cloud, we expect this to change in 2021.

Creating a new adapter

dbt can be extended to any SQL-speaking database, warehouse, data lake, query engine, or analytical platform by means of an adapter plugin. These plugins can be built as separate Python modules, and dbt will discover them if they are installed on your system. If you see something missing from the lists above, and you're interested in developing an integration, read more about building a new adapter.