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The modules variable in the Jinja context contains useful Python modules for operating on data.


This variable is a pointer to the Python datetime module, which supports complex date and time logic.

It includes the modules contexts of date, datetime, time, timedelta, and tzinfo.


{% set now = %}{% set three_days_ago_iso = (now - modules.datetime.timedelta(3)).isoformat() %}

This module will return the current date and time on every Jinja evaluation. For the date and time of the start of the run, please see run_started_at.


This variable is a pointer to the Python pytz module, which supports timezone logic.


{% set dt = modules.datetime.datetime(2002, 10, 27, 6, 0, 0) %}{% set dt_local = modules.pytz.timezone('US/Eastern').localize(dt) %}{{ dt_local }}


This variable is a pointer to the Python re module, which supports regular expressions.


{% set my_string = 's3://example/path' %}{% set s3_path_pattern = 's3://[a-z0-9-_/]+' %}
{% set re = %}{% set is_match = re.match(s3_path_pattern, my_string, re.IGNORECASE) %}{% if not is_match %}    {%- do exceptions.raise_compiler_error(        my_string ~ ' is not a valid s3 path'    ) -%}{% endif %}