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Simple metrics

Simple metrics are metrics that directly reference a single measure, without any additional measures involved. They are aggregations over a column in your data platform and can be filtered by one or multiple dimensions.

The parameters, description, and type for simple metrics are:

nameThe name of the metric.Required
descriptionThe description of the metric.Optional
typeThe type of the metric (cumulative, derived, ratio, or simple).Required
labelThe value that will be displayed in downstream tools.Required
type_paramsThe type parameters of the metric.Required
measureThe measure you're referencing.Required

The following displays the complete specification for simple metrics, along with an example.

- name: The metric name # Required
description: the metric description # Optional
type: simple # Required
label: The value that will be displayed in downstream tools #Required
type_params: # Required
measure: The measure you're referencing # Required

Simple metrics example‚Äč

- name: customers
description: Count of customers
type: simple # Pointers to a measure you created in a semantic model
label: Count of customers
measure: customers # The measure youre creating a proxy of.
- name: large_orders
description: "Order with order values over 20."
type: SIMPLE
label: Large Orders
measure: orders
filter: | # For any metric you can optionally include a filter on dimension values
{{Dimension('customer__order_total_dim')}} >= 20