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An optional seed configuration, used to determine whether column names in the seed file should be quoted when the table is created.

  • When True, dbt will quote the column names defined in the seed file when building a table for the seed, preserving casing.
  • (Default) When False, dbt will not quote the column names defined in the seed file.


Globally quote all seed columns#

seeds:  +quote_columns: true

Only quote seeds in the data/mappings directory.#

For a project with:

  • name: jaffle_shop in the dbt_project.yml file
  • data-paths: ["data"] in the dbt_project.yml file
seeds:  jaffle_shop:    mappings:      +quote_columns: true

Or (as of v0.21):

version: 2
seeds:  - name: mappings    config:      quote_columns: true

Recommended configuration#

  • Explicitly set this value if using seed files.
  • Apply the configuration globally rather than to individual projects/seeds.
  • Set quote_columns: false unless your column names include a special character or casing needs to be preserved. In that case, consider renaming your seed columns (this will simplify code downstream)