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Optionally specify the database type of columns in a seed, by providing a dictionary where the keys are the column names, and the values are a valid datatype (this varies across databases).

Without specifying this, dbt will infer the datatype based on the column values in your seed file.


Specify column types in your dbt_project.yml file:

seeds:  jaffle_shop:    country_codes:      +column_types:        country_code: varchar(2)        country_name: varchar(32)

Or (as of v0.21):

version: 2
seeds:  - name: country_codes    config:      country_code: varchar(2)      country_name: varchar(32)

If you have previously run dbt seed, you'll need to run dbt seed --full-refresh for the changes to take effect.

Note that you will need to use the fully directory path of a seed when configuring column_types. For example, for a seed file at data/marketing/utm_mappings.csv, you will need to configure it like so:

seeds:  jaffle_shop:    marketing:      utm_mappings:        +column_types:          ...


Use a varchar column type to preserve leading zeros in a zipcode#

(Note: preservation of leading zeros works for v0.16.0 onwards)

seeds:  jaffle_shop: # you must include the project name    warehouse_locations:      +column_types:        zipcode: varchar(5)


Use this configuration only when required, i.e. when the type inference is not working as expected. Otherwise you can omit this configuration.