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Sources JSON file

Current schema: v3

Produced by: source freshness

This file contains information about sources with freshness checks. Today, dbt Cloud uses this file to power its Source Freshness visualization.

Top-level keys‚Äč

  • metadata
  • elapsed_time: Total invocation time in seconds.
  • results: Array of freshness-check execution details.

Each entry in results is a dictionary with the following keys:

  • unique_id: Unique source node identifier, which map results to sources in the manifest
  • max_loaded_at: Max value of loaded_at_field timestamp in the source table when queried.
  • snapshotted_at: Current timestamp when querying.
  • max_loaded_at_time_ago_in_s: Interval between max_loaded_at and snapshotted_at, calculated in python to handle timezone complexity.
  • criteria: The freshness threshold(s) for this source, defined in the project.
  • status: The freshness status of this source, based on max_loaded_at_time_ago_in_s + criteria, reported on the CLI. One of pass, warn, or error if the query succeeds, runtime error if the query fails.
  • execution_time: Total time spent checking freshness for this source
  • timing: Array that breaks down execution time into steps (compile + execute)
  • adapter_response: Dictionary of metadata returned from the database, which varies by adapter. For example, success code, number of rows_affected, total bytes_processed, and so on. Not applicable for tests.
    • rows_affected returns the number of rows modified by the last statement executed. In cases where the query's row count can't be determined or isn't applicable (such as when creating a view), a standard value of -1 is returned for rowcount.