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Other artifact files


Produced by: docs generate

This file is the skeleton of the auto-generated dbt documentation website. The contents of the site are populated by the manifest and catalog.

Note: the source code for index.json comes from the dbt-docs repo. Head over there if you want to make a bug report, suggestion, or contribution relating to the documentation site.


Produced by: manifest commands + parse

This file is used to store a compressed representation of files dbt has parsed. If you have partial parsing enabled, dbt will use this file to identify the files that have changed and avoid re-parsing the rest.


Produced by: commands supporting node selection

Stores the network representation of the dbt resource DAG.


Produced by: manifest commands

This file is useful for investigating performance issues in dbt Core's graph algorithms.

It is more anonymized and compact than manifest.json and graph.gpickle.

It includes that information at two separate points in time:

  1. linked immediately after the graph is linked together, and
  2. with_test_edges after test edges have been added.

Each of those points in time contains the name and type of each node and succ contains the keys of its child nodes.


The semantic_manifest.json file is useful as an internal interface between dbt-core and MetricFlow. As such, it functions as a behind-the-scenes bridge for interaction between the two systems. You can find all of the semantic_manifest.json information in the semantic_manifest.json.

There are two reasons why semantic_manifest.json exists alongside manifest.json:

  • Deserialization: dbt-core and MetricFlow use different libraries for handling data serialization.
  • Efficiency and performance: MetricFlow and the dbt Semantic Layer need specific semantic details from the manifest. By trimming down the information printed into semantic_manifest.json, the process becomes more efficient and enables faster data handling between dbt-core and MetricFlow.