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Dave Connors

Dave Connors

Senior Developer Experience Advocate @ dbt Labs

Author Posts

Your Essential dbt Project Checklist

A checklist created to guide our internal work, which you can use to clean up your own dbt project.

How to Build a Mature dbt Project from Scratch

A guide to how to start and evolve a dbt project.

How We Calculate Time on Task, the Business Hours Between Two Dates

An overview of how to calculate the Time on Task metric, the number of business hours between two dates, in SQL.

Surrogate keys in dbt: Integers or hashes?

Wondering how to build a data model with surrogate keys? Dave Connors walks you through two strategies.

More time coding, less time waiting: Mastering defer in dbt

Learn how to take advantage of the defer to prod feature in dbt Cloud

Column-Level Lineage, Model Performance, and Recommendations: ship trusted data products with dbt Explorer

Learn about how to get the most out of the new features in dbt Explorer