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Input for unit tests

Use inputs in your unit tests to reference a specific model or source for the test:

  • For input:, use a string that represents a ref or source call:
    • ref('my_model') or ref('my_model', v='2') or ref('dougs_project', 'users')
    • source('source_schema', 'source_name')
  • Optionally use for seeds:
    • If you don’t supply an input for a seed, we will use the seed as the input.
    • If you do supply an input for a seed, we will use that input instead.
  • Use “empty” inputs by setting rows to an empty list rows: []

- name: test_is_valid_email_address # this is the unique name of the test
model: dim_customers # name of the model I'm unit testing
given: # the mock data for your inputs
- input: ref('stg_customers')
- {email:, email_top_level_domain:}
- {email:, email_top_level_domain:}
- {email:, email_top_level_domain:}
- {email: missingdot@gmailcom, email_top_level_domain:}
- input: ref('top_level_email_domains')
- {tld:}
- {tld:}