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Folder structure

dbt Labs has developed a project structure guide that contains a number of recommendations for how to build the folder structure for your project. Do check out that guide if you want to learn more. Right now we are going to create some folders to organize our files:

  • Sources This is our Formula 1 dataset and it will be defined in a source YAML file.
  • Staging models These models have a 1:1 with their source table.
  • Intermediate This is where we will be joining some Formula staging models.
  • Marts models Here is where we perform our major transformations. It contains these subfolders:
    • aggregates
    • core
    • ml
  1. In your file tree, use your cursor and hover over the models subdirectory, click the three dots that appear to the right of the folder name, then select Create Folder. We're going to add two new folders to the file path, staging and formula1 (in that order) by typing staging/formula1 into the file path.

    Create folderCreate folderSet file pathSet file path
    • If you click into your models directory now, you should see the new staging folder nested within models and the formula1 folder nested within staging.
  2. Create two additional folders the same as the last step. Within the models subdirectory, create new directories marts/core.

  3. We will need to create a few more folders and subfolders using the UI. After you create all the necessary folders, your folder tree should look like this when it's all done:

    File tree of new foldersFile tree of new folders

Remember you can always reference the entire project in GitHub to view the complete folder and file strucutre.