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Configure Snowflake

  1. Log in to your trial Snowflake account. You can sign up for a Snowflake Trial Account using this form if you don’t have one.
  2. Ensure that your account is set up using AWS in the US East (N. Virginia). We will be copying the data from a public AWS S3 bucket hosted by dbt Labs in the us-east-1 region. By ensuring our Snowflake environment setup matches our bucket region, we avoid any multi-region data copy and retrieval latency issues.
Snowflake trialSnowflake trial
  1. After creating your account and verifying it from your sign-up email, Snowflake will direct you back to the UI called Snowsight.

  2. When Snowsight first opens, your window should look like the following, with you logged in as the ACCOUNTADMIN with demo worksheets open:

Snowflake trial demo worksheetsSnowflake trial demo worksheets
  1. Navigate to Admin > Billing & Terms. Click Enable > Acknowledge & Continue to enable Anaconda Python Packages to run in Snowflake.
Anaconda termsAnaconda termsEnable AnacondaEnable Anaconda
  1. Finally, create a new Worksheet by selecting + Worksheet in the upper right corner.