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Command Line Interface (CLI)

dbt is typically run by executing commands on the command line. The following sections outline the commands supported by dbt and their relevant flags.

For information about selecting models on the command line, consult the docs on Model selection syntax.

Available commands:

  • debug: debugs dbt connections and projects
  • init: initializes a new dbt project
  • compile: compiles (but does not run) the models in a project
  • run: runs the models in a project
  • test: executes tests defined in a project
  • deps: downloads dependencies for a project
  • version: prints the version of dbt installed on the system
  • snapshot: executes "snapshot" jobs defined in a project
  • clean: deletes artifacts present in the dbt project
  • seed: loads CSV files into the database
  • docs: generates documentation for a project
  • source: provides tools for working with source data (including validating that sources are "fresh")
  • run-operation: runs arbitrary maintenance SQL against the database
  • rpc: runs an RPC server that clients can submit queries to
  • list: lists resources defined in a dbt project

Command Line Interface (CLI)

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