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Matt Winkler

Matt Winkler

Senior Solutions Architect @ dbt Labs

Matt is an ex-data scientist who chose to embrace the simplicity of using SQL to manage and testing data pipelines with dbt. He previously worked as a hands-on ML practitioner, and consulted with Fortune 500 clients to build and maintain ML Ops pipelines using (mostly) AWS Sagemaker. He lives in the Denver area, and you can say hello on dbt Slack or on LinkedIn.

Author Posts

Introducing the dbt Cloud API Postman Collection: a tool to help you scale your account management

Discover powerful dbt Cloud endpoints with this postman collection put together by Solution Architect Matt Winkler.

Migrating from Stored Procedures to dbt

Stored procedures are great, but they eventually become hard to scale. dbt fixes that, but the migration process can seem daunting. Matt Winkler demystifies the process in this blog!