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Heads up!

This is a work in progress document. While this configuration applies to multiple resource types, the documentation has only been written for seeds.


Optionally specify a custom schema for a model or seed. (To specify a schema for a snapshot, use the target_schema config).

When dbt creates a relation (table/view) in a database, it creates it as: {{ database }}.{{ schema }}.{{ identifier }}, e.g.

The standard behavior of dbt is:

  • If a custom schema is not specified, the schema of the relation is the target schema ({{ target.schema }}).
  • If a custom schema is specified, by default, the schema of the relation is {{ target.schema }}_{{ schema }}.

To learn more about changing the way that dbt generates a relation's schema, read Using Custom Schemas



Configure groups of models from the dbt_project.yml file.

models:  jaffle_shop: # the name of a project    marketing:      +schema: marketing

Configure individual models using a config block:

{{ config(    schema='marketing') }}


seeds:  +schema: mappings

Warehouse specific information

  • BigQuery: dataset and schema are interchangeable