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Late Binding Views

Redshift supports views unbound from their dependencies, or late binding views. This DDL option "unbinds" a view from the data it selects from. In practice, this means that if upstream views or tables are dropped with a cascade qualifier, the late-binding view does not get dropped as well.

Using late-binding views in a production deployment of dbt can vastly improve the availability of data in the warehouse, especially for models that are materialized as late-binding views and are queried by end-users, since they won’t be dropped when upstream models are updated. Additionally, late binding views can be used with external tables via Redshift Spectrum.

To materialize a dbt model as a late binding view, use the bind: false configuration option:

{{ config(materialized='view', bind=False) }}

select *
from source.data

To make all views late-binding, configure your dbt_project.yml file like this:

  bind: false # Materialize all views as late-binding