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Noah Kennedy

Noah Kennedy

Software Developer @ Tempus

Noah Kennedy is a Software Developer at Tempus Labs, helping manage the worlds largest repository of clinical and molecular patient data. Noah picked up dbt at Tempus 2 years ago, and has worked extensively on internal dbt development for Tempus — creating macros, custom materializations, and testing frameworks that allow scientists to experiment more and data engineer less. Outside of Tempus, Noah spends his time running, biking, playing music, and exploring coffee shops. You can find more of his writing at

Author Posts

How we cut our tests by 80% while increasing data quality: the power of aggregating test failures in dbt

A singular data quality test just failed...whew things are still ok — when *many* dbt tests fail, how do you make those failures actionable? Noah explores how aggregating test failures in dbt led to more informative, actionable, and self-service testing initiatives for end data users.