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Charlie Summers

Charlie Summers

Staff Software Engineer @ Merit

Charlie is the Data Engineer Tech Lead at Merit. He introduced Merit to dbt and it's been a fantastic fit for a wide variety of data pipelines. He likes thinking about the future of data - integrating event streams, analyzing encrypted data, capturing fine-grained lineage, and making it easy to build simple apps on top of data warehouses/lakes.

Author Posts

Demystifying event streams: Transforming events into tables with dbt

Pulling data directly out of application databases is commonplace in the MDS, but also risky. Apps change quickly, and application teams might update database schemas in unexpected ways, leading to pipeline failures, data quality issues, data delivery slow-downs. There is a better way. In this blog post, Charlie Summers (Merit) describes how their organization transforms application event streams into analytics-ready tables, more resilient to event scheme changes.