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Arthur Marcon

Arthur Marcon

Analytics Engineer @ Indicium Tech

Arthur Marcon is an Analytics Engineer at Indicium, helping data-driven companies transition to the modern data analytics stack in the cloud through dbt. Arthur is also an enthusiast of technology and innovation. He is mainly interested in how data plays a key role to enable companies to achieve their full innovative and technological potential. Outside of work, he is a movie aficionado, and likes to hit the gym and read Agatha Christie's novels.

Author Posts

Audit_helper in dbt: Bringing data auditing to a higher level

Migrations from stored procedures to dbt become easier with the audit_helper package. The team at Indicium Tech breaksdown the how and why of using this package during your dbt migration.

How we reduced a 6-hour runtime in Alteryx to 9 minutes with dbt and Snowflake

Learn how the folks at Indicium Tech leveraged the modularity and visibility features of dbt to reduce a 6-hour runtime in Alteryx to only 9 minutes by implementing a refactoring workflow.