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Anya Prosvetova

Anya Prosvetova

Senior Data Engineer, Aimpoint Digital
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Organizations: Tableau Vizionary & DataDev Ambassador


I’m a Data Engineer with a background in SaaS, consulting, financial services and the creative industries. I help organisations convert data into value, developing data pipelines and automating processes. I’m also a Tableau Visionary and DataDev Ambassador, and one of the organisers of Data + Women Netherlands community. I became an active member of the dbt Community about a year ago, and it was a great place to learn and ask questions. And it was really inspiring to speak at the first Amsterdam dbt Meetup recently, and meet the local community of fellow Analytics and Data Engineers.

When did you join the dbt community and in what way has it impacted your career?

A few years back, I became a member of the dbt Community, but it wasn't until about a year ago, when I started using dbt at work, that I began actively engaging with it. Being the only data person in my company, the Community became a valuable resource for me to learn and ask questions. It's an excellent platform to gain insights from others, exchange experiences, and stay up-to-date with the latest product features.

What dbt community leader do you identify with? How are you looking to grow your leadership in the dbt community?

What I enjoy about the dbt Community is that its thought leaders are focused on working together to create a culture of mutual support and shared learning. Everyone is welcome to ask a question or share their latest blog without the fear of being judged. I believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute to the community, and I hope to help facilitate this supportive and collaborative environment where we can all learn from each other.

What have you learned from community members? What do you hope others can learn from you?

I've learned a lot about best practices for working with dbt and data in general, as well as tips and tricks for specific use cases. I've also gained a better understanding of the diverse range of data challenges that people face in different industries and contexts.

As for what I hope others can learn from me, I aim to share my own experiences and knowledge in a way that is approachable and useful to people at all skill levels and backgrounds.