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Starburst & Trino Profile

Vendor-supported plugin

Certain core functionality may vary. If you would like to report a bug, request a feature, or contribute, you can check out the linked repository and open an issue.

Overview of dbt-trino​

Maintained by: Starburst Data, Inc.
Source: Github
Core version: v0.20.0 and newer
dbt Cloud: Not Supported
dbt Slack channel: Slack

dbt-presto stars

Installation and Distribution​

dbt's Trino adapter is managed in its own repository, dbt-trino. To use the Trino adapter, you must install the dbt-trino plugin:

Using pip​

The following command will install the latest version of dbt-trino as well as the requisite version of dbt-core:

pip install dbt-trino

Set up a Trino Target​

Trino targets should be set up using the following configuration in your profiles.yml file.

target: dev
type: trino
method: none # optional, one of {none | ldap | kerberos}
user: [user]
password: [password] # required if method is ldap or kerberos
database: [database name]
host: [hostname]
port: [port number]
schema: [your dbt schema]
threads: [1 or more]
http_scheme: [http or https]
query_max_run_time: 5d
exchange_compression: True

Incremental models​

The incremental strategy supported by the adapter is to append new records without updating/overwriting any existing data from the target model.


Unsupported Functionality​

Due to the nature of Trino, not all core dbt functionality is supported. The following features of dbt are not implemented on Trino:

  1. Snapshots